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Eazy-E: The Life and Timez of Eric Wright (DVD)

Label:ZYX Music - DVD 3032
Format: DVD
Total time: 60 min


Remember when life was "Eazy"? That's the tagline used for this DVD which serves the duel purpose of both paying tribute to the late gangsta rap pioneer, Eazy-E and helping to launch the career of his eldest son, Lil' E. The movie has its problems from jump: It has very little footage of Eazy aside from an old news video about his N.W.A. days and some home video of him behind-the-scenes of his "Real Compton City G'z" video. Both scenes run about ffifteen minutes together and then it's time for some very depressing footage of Eazy's funeral. We then get more amatuer concert video of several rappers' tributes to Eazy including DJ Yella, Kokane, and a few others. The video ends with Lil' E appearing on Julio G's "Eazy-E Tribute" show. He really doesn't say too much but there are some cool shout-outs from stars like Bootsy Collins, Warren G, and Kam.
All in all, this doucmentary isn't put together too well. Due to Ruthless, Eazy E's former label, not signing on, there is very little Eazy-E music to be found except for "Sleepwalkers" during the opening credits. The movie spends more time talking about his death and showing funeral footage then actually talking about his career and the impact he has had on the industry. There is also no special features on the DVD and in fact, there isn't even a chapter search, so you have to fast-forward through the movie. As an added bonus, there is an "audio documentary" featuring comments from the old N.W.A. crew and a few others but it's nothing real special. True Eazy-E fans are better off picking up the official "Impact Of A Legend" DVD from Ruthless.

Stan płyty: Idealna  - Płyta w super stanie.
Stan pudełka: Stan B.Dobry – delikatne ślady użytkowania (widoczne nieliczne ryski pod światło).

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